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The Chinese HJ-10A ATGM system is a heavy-duty, fiber-optic guided anti-tank missile, and its launching vehicle has an elevating mast-type photoelectric sighting system that can detect and lock the hostile armored vehicles as far as possible. The Chinese HJ-10A anti-tank guided missile is connected to the launching vehicle with a fine fiber and has largest penetration depth in the its anti-tank guided missile family.

China began the development of HJ anti-tank missiles in the 1960s. "HJ-73" is the first generation of anti-tank missile equipped in China’s armed forces. Subsequently, HJ-8 and HJ-9 anti-tank missiles were developed and equipped in the armed forces. The HJ-10 multi-purpose weapon system made its debut on the V-Day parade held in Beijing. HJ-10 is the new-type long-range multi-purpose missile. It is a fiber-optic guided missile with strong concealment and anti-jamming capabilities. Control personnel can adjust the direction of the HJ-10 missile after launch, with the help of its real-time video monitoring function, in the event of false targets or high value targets. The maximum range of HJ-10 is ten kilometers. This is beyond the firepower scope of most tanks.
Since the 1990s, military scientists have begun to develop a completely new type of missile- the fiber-optic guided missile. At present, fiber-optic missiles are still a relatively new type of missile in the world. The main types of service are Israeli spiked missiles, German white-eyed giants, and the Chinese Red Arrow-10.
The Red Arrow-10 anti-tank missile is an anti-tank missile independently developed by China. The entire launch equipment system weighs about 150 kg, of which the warhead weighs 43 kg. The range of the Red Arrow-10 anti-tank missile is very amazing, reaching 12 kilometers. Not only the range, but also the power of the Red Arrow-10 was very strong. It was exposed that the target was hit at a distance of four kilometers during the exercise, and the target was completely blown up in one hit.
As a fiber-guided anti-tank missile or even a multi-purpose missile, the Red Arrow-10 missile can choose different types of maneuvering trajectories after launching. It can use straight trajectories to hit targets like ordinary missiles, and can also perform airborne requirements, maneuver, adjusted strike plan and own posture. It is precisely because of this feature that not only makes the interception of the Red Arrow-10 missile much more difficult, but also makes it capable of hitting low-altitude flying units, such as armed helicopters and other equipment.
The Red Arrow-10 missile carried a fiber optic spool weighing approximately 2 kg. Fiber-optic guided missiles each carry a roll of optical fiber. The bobbin of the optical fiber is at the tail of the bomb and flutters while flying. The length is the same as the maximum range. For example, the Red Arrow-10 missile has a range of 12 kilometers, so the missile has 12 kilometers of optical fiber. Speaking of this, many small friends questioned: What if the optical fiber breaks during the missile flight?
In fact, the optical fiber of the fiber-guided missile is a special optical fiber. On the basis of the ordinary optical fiber, a special composite material is added to increase the material strength of the optical fiber, so that the optical fiber is not easily broken during missile flight. In actual combat. So far, the fiber has not shown insufficient strength. Therefore, such concerns are actually unnecessary.
But the weight of fiber per kilometer is 150 grams, and the range of Red Arrow-10 is 1.8 kilograms. In addition to the pay-off device, the total weight of the guidance transmission system must exceed 2 kilograms, which can not reduce the dead weight. Increasing the range of the missile has an adverse effect, so the maximum range of the fiber-optic missile generally does not exceed 12 kilometers. Israel’s spiked missiles, when developing long-range spikes with a range of 25 kilometers, cancelled the original fiber guidance mode and switched to a radio encrypted data link to transmit signals due to the weight of the fiber.
The HJ-10A ATGM system, commissioned in the Chinese PLA Army, is a newest member of China's export-oriented anti-tank missile family. The deployment of HJ-10 indicates that China's anti-tank missile technology is constantly catching up with the world. After having possessed the Hongjian-10 anti-tank missile for so many years, in fact, the Chinese Army’s field land-based air defense methods have long since broken away from the history of only anti-aircraft artillery and special surface-to-air missiles. Although the air defense capability of the Hongjian-10 anti-tank missile cannot be compared with general dedicated surface-to-air missiles, such a "came" can also threaten armed helicopters.
Chinese military trade enterprise China North Industries Corp. (NORINCO) brought the Chinese HJ-10A (Red Arrow-10A) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system, which is extremely rare in the Middle East's weapon market, to the sixth International Defense Exhibition (IQDEX-2018) in Baghdad, Iraq, for the first time in March 2018. Iraqi media disclosed photos of Chinese HJ-10A ATGM system online. Unlike the HJ-10A ATGM system unveiled by the NORINCO during the Zhuhai Air Show in 2016, the HJ-10A ATGM system exhibited in the Middle East uses the export version “big 4X4 wheel” chassis. Compared with the tracked chassis version of HJ-10A ATGM system, the passability of the wheeled chassis one is apparently inferior, but the overall cost should be lower.
2018年3月,中国军贸企业中国北方工业集团公司(NORINCO)首次将极为罕见的中国HJ-10A(红箭-10A)反坦克导弹(ATGM)系统带到伊拉克巴格达举行的第六届国际防务展览会(IQDEX-2018)上的中东武器市场。伊拉克媒体在网上公开了中国H​​J-10A反坦克导弹系统的照片。与中国北方工业在2016年珠海航展上亮相的HJ-10A ATGM系统不同,此次中东展出的HJ-10A ATGM系统采用的是出口版“大4X4轮”底盘。与HJ-10A ATGM系统的履带底盘版本相比,轮式底盘之类的通过性明显逊色,但总体成本应该更低。
At the 9th Zhuhai Airshow held in November 2012, a light air-to-surface missile designated as CM-502KG made its public debut. The HJ-10 based CM-502KG has an 11-kg warhead similar in size with that of AR-1, but its maximum range is more than twice that of AR-1, up to 25 km. The compact size of CM-502KG enable it to be carried by both the manned aircraft and heavy unmanned aircraft (though mostly the latter), while the lighter AR-1 is carried by smaller unmanned aircraft, as the staff of developer have claimed at the show. There are unconfirmed claims by Chinese military enthusiasts on the internet that CM-502KG is conceptually designed in the same class as Spike NLOS, but such claims has yet to be verified by official sources.
在2012年11月举行的第九届珠海航展上,一种被命名为CM-502KG的轻型空对地导弹首次公开亮相。基于HJ-10的CM-502KG有一个11公斤的弹头,其大小与AR-1相似,但其最大射程是AR-1的两倍多,高达25公里。CM-502KG的紧凑尺寸使其能够由载人飞机和重型无人飞机(尽管大多数是后者)携带,而较轻的AR-1则由较小的无人飞机携带,正如开发商的工作人员在展会上所声称的那样。中国军事爱好者在互联网上有未经证实的说法,即CM-502KG在概念上与以色列非瞄准线型“长钉”(Spike NLOS)设计在同一级别,但此类说法尚未得到官方消息来源的证实。

Speed Mach 1.1
Armor penetration 1000 mm homogeneous armor
Warhead 11 kg
Range 25 km
速度     马赫 1.1
装甲穿透    1000 毫米均质装甲
弹头     11 公斤
射程     25 公里
The CM-502 series is a new NLOS-type attack missile (not to be confused with the HJ-10 based CM-502KG) that seems to use fiber-optic guidance (not confirmed). It will work in conjunction with other NLOS missiles and loitering munitions such as the CM-501G/GA, CM-501XA, and CM-501X. According to photos uploaded, a new type of multi-purpose anti-tank missile, numbered CM-502, appeared at this Zhuhai Air Show, mounted on a domestic 4X4 off-road chassis. The missile is launched vertically and has a range of 25 kilometers. Similar to the Red Arrow 10, this missile can not only strike ground armored targets and fortifications, but also strike low-altitude helicopters and drones.
HJ-10 (or "Red Arrow 10") is a Chinese ground-launched anti-tank missile developed by Norinco. It has a tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead, that may penetrate 1,400 mm (55 in) of conventional steel armour protected by explosive reactive armour. The maximum range is 10 km (6.2 mi), with pre- or post-launch lock-on.
AFT-10, equipped on the ZBD-04A Anti-tank platform, is the ATGM version of the HJ-10 platform and it is the first one to be developed. Eight missiles and a retractable sensor mast is mounted on the ZBD-04, with sensors including a thermal camera, TV camera and a laser range finder.A millimeter-wave radar system is mounted at the front-right corner of the vehicle to improve all-weather operation capability.

The AFT-10 (Chinese: 反坦克导弹-10; pinyin: Fǎn tǎnkè dǎodàn-10; lit. 'Anti-tank missile-10') is the surface-to-surface variant in the HJ-10 family, receiving designation of AFT-10. AFT-10 is a fiber-optic wire-guided missile that equipped with ZBD-04 Anti-tank platform. AFT-10 was first revealed in its deployment in Peace Mission 2014 joint military exercise.
AFT-10(中文:反坦克导弹-10;拼音:Fǎodànǎnkè 10;字面意思是“Anti-tank missile-10”)是HJ-10系列中的地对地型号AFT-10。AFT-10是一种配备在ZBD-04反坦克平台上的光纤线导导弹。AFT-10在2014年和平使命联合军事演习中首次亮相。
Missile Specification:
Length (mm): 1,850 mm (73 in)
Diameter (mm): 170 mm (6.7 in)
Missile weight (kg): 43 kg (95 lb)
System weight (kg): 105
Max range (km): 10 km (6.2 mi)
Min range (km): 3 km (1.9 mi)
Search speed (m/s): 150
Attack speed (m/s): 250
g overload: 15
Guidance: fiber optic + MMW radar or fiber optic + ImIR
长度(毫米):1,850 毫米(73 英寸)
直径(毫米):170 毫米(6.7 英寸)
导弹重量(公斤):43 公斤(95 磅)
最大射程(公里):10 公里(6.2 英里)
最小范围(公里):3 公里(1.9 英里)
g 过载:15
Mounted Platforms:
ZBD-04A AT: Eight AFT-10 missiles with sensors mounted on ZBD-04A chassis.
Type 08/VN1 AT: Eight AFT-10 missiles with sensors mounted on Type 08 (VN-1) 8x8 chassis.
CTM-133 AT: Eight AFT-10 missiles with sensors mounted on CTM-133 truck chassis.
CTL-181A AT: Four AFT-10 missiles with sensors mounted on CTL181A assault vehicle chassis.
ZBD-04A AT:八枚AFT-10导弹,传感器安装在ZBD-04A底盘上。
08/VN1 AT 型:八枚带有传感器的AFT-10导弹安装在08型(VN-1)8x8底盘上。
CTM-133 AT:八枚AFT-10导弹,传感器安装在CTM-133卡车底盘上。
CTL-181A AT:四枚AFT-10导弹,传感器安装在CTL181A突击车底盘上。
China: People's Liberation Army Ground Force — estimated 100 in service as of 2020. 

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