PL-14 Air-to-Air Missile


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The PL-14 is a very poorly attested designator that is only mentioned in passing in a few Chinese sources. The confidentiality of Chinese military ’s air-to-air missiles has always been relatively high, so that the interpretation of various military programs is sometimes full of errors.
Some sources report that PL-14 is a ramjet-powered 100km-range missile, developed by China in cooperation with South Africa’s Denel Aerospace, along with the 15km-range PL-13 within visual range missile. Another rumor is that the PL-14 is based on the Israeli Python 4, just as the PL-8 is a copy of the Israeli Python 3 AAM. Richard D. Fisher reported in 2008 that "Shenyang's indiginized land-bawed J-11 program... will likely incorporate ... new advanced PLA developed radar, PL-12 and future longer-range PL-14 advanced air-to-air missiles..."
一些消息来源称,PL-14是一种冲压发动机驱动的100公里射程导弹,由中国与南非的德内尔航空航天公司合作开发,以及射程15公里的PL-13视距导弹。另一个传言是PL-14基于以色列Python 4,就像PL-8是以色列Python 3 AAM的仿造型一样。理查德·D·费舍尔在2008年报道说,“沈阳的国产化陆基歼-11项目……可能会包括……解放军开发的新的先进雷达、PL-12和未来的远程PL-14先进空空导弹……”

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