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Elbit Systems has recently added the Hermes 900 to its growing UAV family. 
埃尔比特(Elbit)系统公司最近将Hermes 900添加到其不断增长的无人机系列中。
With its 15 m wingspan and 970 kg max takeoff weight, the Hermes 900 is a natural extension of the Hermes 450 tactical UAV systems with full compatibility in missions and support infrastructure. While offering all Hermes UAV family capabilities (Hermes 180, Hermes 450 and Hermes 1500), it features larger multi-payload configurations, higher flight altitude and extended flight time.
The Hermes 900 is an all weather UAV system. Its IATOL (Internal Auto Takeoff and Landing) system enables auto-landing even in alternate non-instrumented runways. Like the Hermes 450, internationally renowned for its unmatched safety record and reliability, the Hermes 900 features full redundancy and fault tolerant avionics and electronics architecture. Its fully-certified Rotax engine is safe and quiet.  The new UAV is well-equipped with advanced features including built-in autonomous emergency procedures, ATC Air Traffic Control radio, Radio relay, and IFF transponder.

With larger payload capacity (300Kg) and longer endurance ,the Hermes 900 is controlled by Elbit Systems UGCS Universal Ground Control Station which can control two UAVs at any given time from a single station while a single operator operates the AV Air Vehicle and payloads for each UAV.
“赫尔墨斯”(Hermes) 900型具有更大的有效载荷容量(300公斤)和更长的续航时间,由埃尔比特(Elbit)系统公司UGCS通用地面控制站控制,该站可以在任何给定时间从一个站点控制两架无人机,同时由一个操作员操作AV飞行器和每架无人机的有效载荷。
The new Hermes delivers the highest quality of performance for the lowest life cycle cost; a distinction based predominantly  on its lowest number of operators and maintenance crew requirements.

The Hermes 900 system supports numerous missions and specialized applications such as Electro-optics, IR Imaging Laser range finder and Laser designation as well as SAR/GMTI, COMINT DF , ELINT an Electronic Warfare. The system maintains secured redundant Line Of Sight (LOS) Data link as well as Redundant Satellite communication (BLOS) Beyond Line of Sight.
“赫尔墨斯”(Hermes) 900型系统支持多种任务和专业应用,如光电、红外成像激光测距仪和激光指示器,以及SAR/GMTI、COMINT DF、ELINT和电子战。该系统维护安全的冗余视线(LOS)数据链路以及视线以外的冗余卫星通信(BLOS)。

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