Chinese WS-15 engine prepared for mass production


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07 APRIL 2023
by Akhil Kadidal & Prasobh Narayanan

Initial production units of China's fifth-generation fighter aircraft, the CAC J-20, are powered by the Russian-origin Saturn AL-31FN engines. However, from 2022, reports indicated that the Shenyang WS-10 Taihang turbofan engine is also being installed in the J-20s as an interim powerplant. The WS-15 is intended to replace both of these engines in the J-20. (Janes)
中国第五代战斗机CAC J-20的初始生产单位由俄罗斯原产的土星AL-31FN发动机提供动力。然而,从2022年起,有报道称,沈阳WS-10太行涡扇发动机也将作为临时动力装置安装在J-20上。WS-15旨在取代J-20中的这两种发动机。(简氏)
An official of China's Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) has said that the country's Shenyang WS-15 engine for fighter aircraft is ready for mass production.
Speaking during the Seventh China Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (CAIEC) in March, Zhang Yong, a project director of AECC's Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, said that from “a technical point of view” the institute has “tackled all bottlenecks” associated with the production of the WS-15 engine.
“The mass production of WS-10 and WS-15 [engines] delivery has been achieved. Materials screening and verifications have been finalised,” Zhang said.
The CAIEC was held from 16 to 17 March, according to China Central Television (CCTV), the Chinese state-owned broadcaster.

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